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Nebraska Divorce Basics:
The first step is to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation. Most attorneys charge for this service. Don't underestimate the importance of hiring somebody you are comfortable with. Legal representation is a personal service. It is important that you are confident in the attorney advocating for you. Bring all of the documents you believe will be important in determining the issues of your divorce. These may include a current mortgage statement, credit card bills, current auto loan statements, and other documents. If you have already been served with a Complaint for Dissolution of Marriage, bring that as well.

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Divorce With Children – Nebraska Child Custody Basics
The Nebraska Parenting Act:

The Nebraska Parenting Act requires any parent involved in a court case involving their children, like separation, divorce, modification of an existing Decree, or any other action involving parenting functions, to do the following: -Create a parenting plan for court approval; -Attend a parenting education class; -Participate in mediation if they or the attorneys involved are unable to negotiate a court approved parenting plan.

The Parenting plan – The Parenting Plan is intended to help parents and the children. Its focus is the children and their best interests. The Parenting Plan will serve as a road map for both parents to follow after the divorce. It specifies each parent’s parenting time as well as parenting functions.

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Nebraska Removal Law:
If there is a custody order in effect, or if you are currently married and have not addressed custody of the children of your marriage, you will need to seek permission of the court to move with your child out of the State of Nebraska. This is called a "removal case."

However, if your child was born out of wedlock, and there is no court order addressing custody, you do not need the court's permission.

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Grandparents' Rights:
If you are a grandparent who is not being allowed visits with your grandchildren, or if your grandchildren have been removed from the parent(s) by court order, it is important to know just what your rights are under Nebraska law.

When can grandparents in Nebraska seek visitation?
Grandparents can seek court ordered visitation with their grandchildren in certain circumstances. Under Nebraska statutes, a grandparent can file a case in district court asking the court to order regular visitation with their grandchildren in the following circumstances:

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