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The Nebraska Parenting Act

The Nebraska Parenting Act requires any parent involved in a court case involving their children, like separation, divorce, modification of an existing Decree, or any other action involving parenting functions, to do the following: -Create a parenting plan for court approval; -Attend a parenting education class; -Participate in mediation if they or the attorneys involved are unable to negotiate a court approved parenting plan.

The Parenting plan – The Parenting Plan is intended to help parents and the children. Its focus is the children and their best interests. The Parenting Plan will serve as a road map for both parents to follow after the divorce. It specifies each parent’s parenting time as well as parenting functions.

Regardless of whether the parents create the Parenting Plan themselves, with the assistance of their attorneys, or with the help of a neutral mediator, the finished plan must be submitted to the court for approval.

The Parenting plan becomes part of the Decree upon finalization of the divorce or other court proceeding involving the children.

The Parenting Class – The Parenting Act requires both parents to complete a court approved basic parenting class, unless the court specifically excuses the requirement for good cause shown.

After you finish the class, a certificate of completion must be filed with the court.

Your district court clerk or county courthouse can provide you with a list of approved parenting classes in your area. You can also find information at: http://supremecourt.ne.gov/mediation/parenting-divorce.shtml

Mediation: Unless you and the other parent are able to negotiate a parenting plan on your own or with the help of your attorneys and have it approved by the court, you must at least attempt mediation. You are not required to reach an agreement. Mediation is a process during which a neutral, trained Parenting Act mediator works with you and the other parent informally to assist you in creating a Parenting Plan.

In some cases, the mediation process can assist in reducing tension between the parents so parents can function better as parents in the best interests of the children.

Specialized mediation is available for relationships involving domestic violence.

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